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Interested in training at CrossFit Ramsay? The way to begin is with a FREE INTRO session. These are by appointment only.

Our INTRO session is a FREE one-on-one training session during which you’ll get a chance to learn a lot more about our program and actually experience a CrossFit workout for yourself. It is by appointment only and is a prerequisite for enrolling in our program.

If you have been CrossFitting for at least 6 months and demonstrate proficiency in the movement standards you can be enrolled in our CrossFit group classes without attending the On-Ramp. All that is required is that you complete a free CrossFit assesment where we will together determine if you have what it takes to compete in the group CrossFit classes. Contact us and we will be happy to schedule an assessment for you.

For those that are new to CrossFit enroll in the CrossFit Ramsay Onramp Program. This 12 one hour session program serves as the foundation to your success and safety in CrossFit training. Here you will learn all of the fundamental movements required and you will prepare to compete in the group CrossFit workouts.

On-Ramp with a friend and save $165 each.

On-Ramps are held Monday- Wednesday- Friday at 5-30 and 6:30

Once you have successfully completed the On-Ramp program you will be enrolled in the CrossFit group Workouts.