Learn Crossfit Basics

What to expect from the program:

* Smaller classes, which means more individual attention and catered workouts.
* Members will be held accountable through workout tracking and quarterly body fat analysis.
* Variety in training and class structure
* Dietary analysis and advice are offered
* A friendly and energetic class environment

Each class offers something different, so you can select a class based on your needs and goals. We look to develop an excellent base of all round fitness through offering different types of training including, Strength building, Interval Training, Cardio Kickboxing, Core and more. Please see the schedule for more detailed class information.

Class Schedule

Monday Mayhem @ 6.30pm

Kick off your week of fitness with a fun obstacle course for full body strength and cardio conditioning. Tire flipping, battling ropes, prowler push, hills running, harness work. You name it, we’re doing it!

Tabata Tuesday @ 5.30pm

Like high-intensity interval training, this is cardio, but with a bit more spice. Excellent for toning and improving both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. The program includes a mix of weightlifting, kettlebells, sprints and body weight exercises.

Wednesday Kickboxing @ 6.30pm

Kickboxing is a fun and empowering way to get in shape. This class is designed for any level cardio kickboxer. You are taught everything from stance to complex punch and kick combos in the form of pyramid sets, intervals, and circuits.

Hulk Thursday’s @ 5.30pm

I will start a Friday evening class if I have enough interest from clients. 4.30 and 6.30 are currently the only available times for a class. This class could include Kettlebell training Strength development and Olympic lifting.

Sunday Surprise @ 12 noon.

Keeping the body guessing is the best way to get over those fitness plateaus. Sunday offers a completely varied program structure from plyometrics to boxing to team workouts circuits. Come prepared for anything!

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Cost: $115 per month for an unlimited membership.

Dates: Mon, Wed at 6.30pm, Tuesday, Thursday at 5.30pm and Sunday at 12 noon.

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