About Us

At CrossFit Ramsay we have but one mission: The relentless pursuit of Elite Fitness. This elite level of fitness can be achieved only by maximizing physical competence in the following 10 Fitness Domains:

  • Cardiorespiratory endurance
  • stamina
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • power
  • speed
  • coordination
  • agility
  • balance
  • accuracy

our training within these domains we provide the opportunity and atmosphere for every athlete to excel and surpass their fitness goals while reducing their potential for injury. By committing to our program you will outlast and outclass your competition.

The Coaches at CrossFit Ramsay consider every participant in our program an Athlete…whether you believe you are one or not. We treat you like an athlete, we train you like an athlete and we will work you like an athlete. Athletes of course regularly participate and compete in sport and at CrossFit Ramsay, you will too – The “Sport of Fitness” known as CrossFit.


You’ve got to want this.

Had a conversation the other day that got me thinking. I’m in the fitness business, not the hand holding business. I have a system that takes ordinary people and turns them into athletes. I can look our women in the eyes and remind them of that day they asked if they would be a weakling forever. Now they groan and throw 65# on the bar for overhead squats, and they squat below parallel and reach full extension for each rep. They didn’t get there by being drug along.

I didn’t hold their hands. I may have pushed, poked, and prodded. I may have yelled, encouraged, and told them that the last rep didn’t count. But not once did I mistake the source of their motivation. It came from them. It came from within. And I had nothing to do with it. They wanted this.

That’s what makes a successful CrossFitter. Of course there is always the desire to not look stupid, have the slowest time or lowest weight on the whiteboard, or be the one sounding like a B rated porn flick playing in the back room. Group dynamics certainly play a role in motivation.

But it’s YOU and your desire to “get better today” that keep you walking through the doors for your daily dose. Whatever your reason, be it for camaraderie, competition, weight loss, or that next PR, you make it through the door. I’m not holding your hand, I’m not dragging you along. You’ve found your stride and you’re using it to reach better fitness, better health, better job safety. Your determination is inspiring, your motivation is praiseworthy.

I like being around you, so does everyone else. The one who needs their hand held is the one who brings the group down. It’s like the drowning swimmer who attacks their rescuer, suddenly a good deed becomes dangerous for both parties. Morale plummets, motivation wanes, and it’s like being in globo gym where everyone spreads misery like Pigpen’s dust cloud. Not exactly a recipe for success.

Unmotivated people who want fitness bestowed upon them won’t float here. Our job is to lead, guide, and support. We can’t do the work for you. And we won’t hold your hand. You’ve got to want this.”

What Makes Us Different?

CrossFit Ramsay is NOT a traditional gym. We are a World Class Elite Strength and Conditioning Facility.

At CrossFit Ramsay we don’t have any machines or cardio equipment because they are NOT NECESSARY! People would get more benefits from picking the machines up and moving them around the room for 10 minutes than from slugging away on them at ridiculously slow paces.

There is NOTHING right about a machine. If you use them YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH. If you can workout and read or watch TV at the same time, YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH. If you don’t get nervous before your workout, YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH and if you are not working out at CrossFit Ramsay, YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH.

We work exclusively with complex, ground based, free weighted, explosive movements and shorter high-intensity cardiovascular sessions.

Why? Because functional movements and high-intensity metabolic conditioning is more effective at eliciting nearly any desired fitness result. Startlingly, this is not a matter of opinion but solid irrefutable scientific fact and yet the marginally effective old ways persist and are nearly universal.

We make no excuses or apologies for our views and we don’t sugar coat anything. What we do is not easy, the workouts are devastating, but simply put, IT WORKS. You will feel better than you have ever felt, you will feel younger, you will feel fitter, and you will have more energy and fewer aches and pains. You will accomplish physical feats you never thought possible and you will be stronger than you have ever been.